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Due to refurbishment works commencing this winter unfortunately we will not be taking orders for Logs this year


Hot Burning
No Spitting
Clear glass
Long Lasting
Cleaner Chimneys
Easy Storage
Low Moisture
Low Ash
Low Tar

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Sample Pack

We offer a sample pack that means you can try all of our products in one go to see which ones you like before committing to a full order. To order your sample pack with free delivery click here

Our Service

Owning a stove or fireplace shouldn’t be a hassle and we are here to make sure it isn’t!

Our company was founded to provide dry firewood directly to your door. With Wood Burning Stoves and open fires being extremely fashionable, traditional log companies are struggling to keep up with demand. This means that the selling of unseasoned logs is prevalent with low heat output, smokey fires, damaged chimneys, spitting sparks and dirty stove glass. But don’t worry that’s where we come in.


Briquettes Logs

Often imitated. Never matched. Our renowned briquette logs are second to none. Each bag of our briquettes is equal to around the equivalent of 2 nets of seasoned logs with their average 10% moisture content, high energy content and low tar. They burn with a great intense heat which keep you warm with a lovely flame pattern giving you a beautiful fire or stove.

They are very long lasting and once they burn down they glow a deep red giving you a warm room late into the night. When they eventually burn down to ash, the ash deposit left is very low making them extremely efficient and making less mess for you to clear up! Easy to store and easy to light – you don’t even need kindling or paper – simply use one or two Ecolighters™ and a briquette log broken into several pieces and with minutes you will have a blazing fire.

Kiln Dried Logs

All of our real wood is kiln dried for 72 hours to guarantee that they are below 25% moisture content, meaning that they burn well and hot with little smoke. As we kiln dry our logs it means that our supply is consistent with no nasty surprises.


Hate the odour and environmental damage that chemical firelighters cause? Ecolighters™ are natural firelighters made purely from sustainably wood and natural wax. They don’t dry out and when used with our briquette logs negate the need for kindling and paper – saving you time, money and mess! You can leave them in the open air and they don’t dry out. Ecolighters™ burn for over 10 minutes and they even look pretty beside your fire in a little basket!

Logs Cheshire | Dry Logs | Log Delivery Cheshire |